Collaboration with Business Owners and their Key Financial Advisors.  Often at the invitation and referral of a business owner's key financial advisor(s) and stakeholders, ArchangelBrothers evaluates a company's financial condition and identifies areas to enhance and improve financial performance, capital structure, and banking relationships.


Focused and Efficient.  A business owner's time is their most important asset. ArchangelBrothers refuses to waste time!  Prior to engagement we meet with the business owner to determine if our services are needed. The owner is encouraged to share the company background, their achievements, and their financial condition.  Challenges and opportunities must be discussed.


Deliver a comprehensive analysis of the company's financial condition versus industry peers, and a review of key performance indicators to include liquidity, profitability, sales, borrowing, and assets.  


Advise a company on how to improve performance, grow their banking relationships, improve cash flow, position for growth, and align its capital structure with the goals and expectations of the business owner.​​​



ArchangelBrothers prepares and presents comprehensive reports for the business. The reports will include a financial credit analysis, benchmarking, a detailed narrative, performance recommendations, and an assessment relative to bank risk.


ArchangelBrothers, LLC is a consulting firm owned and operated by Robert A. Kolb of Providence, RI. Named after his grandson's Michael and Gabriel, the firm was started in January 2016 after Bob decided to bring his 30 years of banking experience to the market to help bridge the gap between banks and business owners.  


  • You want to improve dialogue with creditors.
  • ​You want to improve performance and profitability.
  • You need to improve cash flow.
  • You need short and/or long term debt.
  • You need to address covenant default(s) and/or covenant structure.
  • You consider leveraging the company to meet strategic objectives.
  • You want a detailed current and historical analysis and comprehensive risk assessment from a banker with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

our approach

​After delivery and presentation of the reports, a determination is made for continued engagement to include:

  • ongoing advice.
  • ​advocacy service between business owners and financial institutions.
  • ​evaluating proposals for financing.

​   ArchangelBrothers, LLC

WELCOME  to ArchangelBrothers, LLC

​Once engaged, the business owner shares their financial information. ​ArchangelBrothers will perform a detailed financial analysis to include:

  • ​analytical interpretation of financial strengths and weaknesses.
  • real time industry comparisons.
  • recommendations for improved cash flow and performance. 
  • Bank​ risk assessment. 

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