​ArchangelBrothers, LLC contracts with a client for agreed upon services; that are expected to be delivered in an agreed upon time period; at an agreed upon price.

Consulting and professional financial credit analysis can normally be expected to be completed within 10 days of engagement.

Advocacy and evaluation of banking strategies and financing proposals are subject to negotiation and are commensurate with need.

​fee structure

1. consulting and advice FROM A banking 


​ArchangelBrothers, LLC is a clients advocate for obtaining, sustaining, and growing their banking relationship(s). Inside knowledge from over 30 years experience in the industry positions ArchangelBrothers to help develop, present, and assist a client with banking strategies.  

Understanding acceptable risk profiles in the banking space is the key to a business owner securing the relationship needed to achieve company goals and objectives. 

​ArchangelBrothers, LLC employs industry recognized and first in class financial software through Sageworks, Inc.  Sageworks is the leader in the financial analysis of privately held companies. Through this analytical solution, ArchangelBrothers can gather a company's financial information and transform the data into readable and comprehensive reports that will give a client a thorough understanding of their historical and current financial condition.  The data allows ArchangelBrothers to create "what if" scenarios and projections that help frame a company's financial condition for presentation and discussion with bank services providers.

The data is critical to showing a client how to save money, make money, and efficiently employ resources. 


​ArchangelBrothers, LLC is owned and operated by Robert A. Kolb. 

  • With over 30 years of banking experience, Bob has held positons in auditing, asset management, real estate lending, commercial lending, small business lending, retail operations, and executive management.
  • Bob's resume includes employment with savings banks, mutual banks, and stock owned banks ranging in size from $1bb to $500bb in assets.
  • Bob has managed commercial loan portfolios ranging from $100mm to $2bb comprised of thousands of credits of every size.
  • With an established network of contacts throughout the financial services industry and alliances that have been built throughout his career, Bob can coordinate and execute the steps necessary to help a company's financial performance; negotiate bank terms, structure, and pricing; and limit personal liability.

The rise in Bob's career has been supported by his industry knowledge in the areas of commercial credit, business development, and asset liability management. 

When you engage ArchangelBrothers for advice, you get the best in banking at your service.


​             Bobkolb@archangelbrothers.com

3. advocacy and bank relationship evaluation

​   ArchangelBrothers, LLC